Gong Yuebin Art Works
Exhibition List

California State University

Gong Yuebin exhibition "Tai Chi Impression" at Art Dept.
Gallery of CSUS 2013

Gong Yuebin exhibition "Site 2801" at Blue-line Gallery
October 17 to November 9, 2013

San Francisco

Gong Yuebin exhibition "Site 2801" at Jiun Ho Gallery
April 16 to June 16, 2013

Valley Springs

Gong Yuebin exhibition "Life's Crossroad" at Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch
April 13 to May 13, 2013

Gong Yuebin exhibition "Along The Yellow River" at Sakata Gallery
March 5 to March 30, 2013

Crocker Art Museum

Gong Yuebin exhibition “Site 2801” in Crocker Art Museum Historic Ballroom
March 10 to April 29, 2012. 

Los Angeles
Gong Yuebin exhibition “Life's Crossroad” in Lutheran University Gallery Los Angeles 
October 8 to November 15, 2011.

San Francisco.
Gong Yuebin exhibition “Life’s Crossroad” in CCC. Gallery San Francisco 
August 5 to August 27, 2011.

Gong studio
The first Gong Yuebin project “Life’s Crossroad” exhibition in Gong Studio in Sacramento
July 8 to December 10, 2010.

Gong studio
The fourth Gong Yuebin project “Nations” exhibition in Gong Studio Sacramento
July 7 to December 10, 2011.

Peace Arch Park in Blaine Washington 
Gong Yuebin two pieces sculpture attend the Peace Arch International Sculpture Exhibition 
May 1 to October 30, 2011.

California State University Sacramento
Gong Yuebin two exhibitions “Life’s Crossroad” and “Black Hole”
in Art Dept. CSUS Gallery and Courtyard and University Ballroom
April 4 to April 22, 2011.

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News bulletin

Media report of the show at Blue Line Gallery

Roseville Magazine

Roseville News

Article on CSUS

Article on World Journal

News list on CSUS News

Sacramento NEWS Victoria Dalkey/ Dramatic variety spices life during art walk for March - Bee Life - The Sacramento Bee


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 Media Report 4/20/2012 

PBS NewsHour Gong Yuebin Site 2801 on April 14, 2012 1

PBS NewsHour Gong Yuebin Site 2801 on April 14, 2012 2




Site 2801 Media Reports 3/10/2012

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Certifications recognizing Gong - Site 2801 at the Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento Bee report on Gong Yuebin Life’s Crossroad Opening

"Friday sacramento bee second saturday pick"

Second Saturday Picks: Installation, new works are highlights - Art Galleries - sacbee.com -- from sacbee.com via SacConnect.us


Second Saturday Blog News on Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad Opening, 8th of July 2010

A large scale sculpture series “Life's Crossroad” has successfully unveiled to public on July 8, 2010, Thursday in Sacramento.

The opening ceremony drew the attention and attendance of professionals from major museums, universities, Media, and art commission/association. Following the opening to Saturday, over thousand members of audience visited Gong Studio. The visitors are very patiently waiting in a 100-feet long line, and all visits are very smooth and harmonious till the close at 10:30. Countless visitors expressed to arise an awareness of respecting life and resource from each other. Many had their tears in eyes. They appraised Gong’s work as unique and shocking to the society, There's a reason why this show has the biggest buzz in Sacramento and why Gong has changed the Sacramento art landscape for good".

Our advice: The studio gallery is open from noon to 9 p.m. on 2nd Saturday, so go early.  

When you get in, walk slowly and think about Mother Earth.



Sacramento Business of the Arts report for Life’s Crossroad Exhibition:

By Dennis Mccoy Sacramento business Journal
December 17, 2010.
Second Saturday-Merchants love marketing exposure, but would like more sales
The article and photo click the link on page 4 and photo on photo 2 of 4



California State University Newspaper The State Hornet report for Gong Yuebin two
exhibitions in CSUS campus from April 4, to April 22, 2011.

By Alex Grotewohl
Thursday, April 21, 2011.
Art exhibit on campus features abstract, large-scale installations
Life’s Crossroad article and photo, click the link



California Lutheran University News 

Article on exhibition in Kwan Fong Gallery, Thursday, October 6, 2011.


Ventura County Star News

Article on exhibition in Kwan Fong Gallery, Wednesday, October 5, 2011.


Ventura County Star News List   

Article on exhibit, Thursday, September 29, 2011.         



Crocker Art Museum News on Gong Yuebin Site 2801

Site 2801 Exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum, March 10 - April 29, 2012     



NEWS 10 video clip

Charred trees from Tahoe fire inspire Sacramento artist
The blackened landscape and charred trees after a forest fire is an unusal inspiration for a Sacramento artist.






Comment from:www.secondsaturdayblog.com


CW31 News: Gong Yuebin:"Life's Crossroad" Video by sacnewscopy






Glance on the work of Gong Yuebin


Gong Yuebin Tao - Non Tao at Blue Line Gallery 2013
宫跃斌 “道,非道” 展览在州府蓝色画廊开幕视频

Gong Yuebin Tai Chi Impression at CSUS 2013
宫跃斌 “太极印象” 展览在加州大学开幕视频

Gong Yuebin Along the Yellow River at Sakata Gallery 2013
宫跃斌 “黄河印象” 展览在加州州府Sakata 画廊开幕视频

Gong Yuebin Site 2801 PBS NewsHour interview with CSUS professor & Museum chief curator at Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌艺术作品接受美国国家公共电视台采访! 点击连接观看

Gong Yuebin Site 2801 in PBS NewsHour interview with audiences at Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌和观众在州府美术馆接受美国国家公共电视台采访! 点击连接观看

Gong Yuebin in PBS NewsHour interview at Studio

宫跃斌工作室接受美国国家公共电视台采访! 点击连接观看

Gong Yuebin Site 2801 opening ceremony Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Site 2801 opening ceremony at Crocker Art Museum 点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 interview
Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌Site 2801 interview at Crocker Art Museum点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 overview
Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Site 2801 overview at Crocker Art Museum点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 installation
Crocker Art Museum


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 details
Crocker Art Museum
宫跃斌 Gong Yuebin Site 2801 detail view at Crocker Art Museum点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 Dancing
Crocker Art Museum at CSUS
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Site 2801 at Crocker Art Museum with CSUS dancing点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Nations Process


Gong Yuebin Black Hole Process
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin “Black Hole” Exhibition Process CSUS点击下面链接



Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad Process
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad点击下面链接

Gong Yuebin Nations Opening
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin “Nations” opening点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Black Hole Opening



Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad Opening
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad点击下面链接

Gong Yuebin Nations Interview


Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad CSUS
宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Life’s Crossroad in CSUS点击下面链接


Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad Peace Arch

          Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad CLU
    宫跃斌Gong Yuebin Life’s Crossroad in CLU点击下面链接

Gong Yuebin Tao - Non Tao at Blue Line Gallery 2013

Yuebin Tai Chi Impression at CSUS 2013

Exhibition Opening at Sakata Gallery March 3rd

Gong Yuebin Site 2801 PBS NewsHour Interview


Gong Yuebin Site 2801 Opening Ceremony at the Crocker Art Museum


Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad at CLU 


Gong Yuebin Nations Opening July 9th 


Gong Yuebin Life's Crossroad Opening

Comments on the opening of "Life's crossroad"

It is not overstatement that “Life's Crossroad” sculpture series by Gong Yuebin hit Sacramento audience with a powerful message.
Let's listen to what visitors say about the exhibition.
It is great, I can't express myself. It is sure it touches my heart.
I see what you saw in these pieces. I see the struggle and same time power in this whole exhibition.
I dare not to step on your exhibition ground because I see powerful lives everywhere, there is no one dead.
It is the first time I saw an exhibition like this. It is beautiful and powerful.
It is an amazing exhibition. I am touched very much!
Thank you so much for reminding us to protect our Mother Earth.
It is not your culture or my culture; it is a universal language that speaks in harmony and speaks with strength.
Christopher who is also an artist, walked out of the exhibition hall and expressed his wish to hug the artist who created the series of “Life's Crossroad”. He said “what a powerful exhibition! I can feel your emotion. You made me want to give up my painting because nothing can compare with what you did in your exhibition”.
How does an art exhibition touch an audience so much? Let's go into the exhibition and walked through the artworks to search for answers. The series of artwork is titled “life's Crossroad”. Gong depicted his visionary insight into this group of sculpture series. He wanted express his love of nature and life through his artwork. He intended to transform the message from nature to our human beings, the conversation between nature and human beings, between life and death. At entrance, Gong applied tunneled curtain to separate the natural light and black light inside. The series divided into five sections with the leading piece introducing his observation and thought. Passing the leading piece right after entered the curtained door, a group of taller pieces stand in front of you. They are “Body” section. Every piece stands for its own, representing different emotion, different status of life. There are struggle, survival, strength, power and agony in these pieces.
At your right side, a group of 8 pieces is called “resource”. Gong said this group represents seven continents surrounding our earth resource. Every continent is armed head to toe staring at our broken resource. Some visitors see “Christ dying in pain”; some see people are arguing or discussing over an issue. Gong pointed out that history warn us every war is the result of controlling over resource. He hoped to remind audience that we are living in same planet. Protecting our planet is everyone or every country's responsibility. There is no one who could govern this common resource.
At your left side, another 8 piece group represents “Spirit” with a brain shape piece in the center surrounded by seven other pieces. The brain with chain tied onto it is a metaphor of mental or spirit resource. In this group, all seven continents started to communicate with their conduit pipe even though the spirit was chained up. It sends message that there is no one could even depress a spirit power.
At same side of the “spirit”, standing in a small room is the first piece of “Lifeline”. It leads to other pieces upstairs. The beginning piece with a big hole in it Gong told me is representing a birth giving womb. A new life starts here and grows up through different life stages. There are three more pieces not in display due to the limited space. This group illustrates life in their different status. Free from control at beginning then, living under the control through their lives. The last piece can be described as an old man or an afterlife. In either way, you see the struggle or expression of life.
Inside next door, it is “Freedom”. Again, two more pieces are not showing because of the limited space. The showing piece is a human figure with wire fencing all over her. One female visitor was talking to herself “I don't see freedom because she is constrained inside”, then she seemed realizing “I understand, if you overcome a barrier, you are free; no freedom comes easy” .
Passing through another separating curtained door, Gong prepared his book, video, and some of the photo prints for visitors. One can either go directly to this room to learn more about artist first and then go back to look at the artwork, or you look at the artwork first to avoid you blindly follow artist's explanation which is not an attention Gong wanted to place on his audience. He wanted to expose his understanding of life to his audience, and give a key to audience for them to open their own door and search for their own interpretation of the artwork and their lives.
While first opening stirred a wave in Sacramento art field and community as a whole, Gong is preparing to develop the project to its fullest. Please stay tuned for Gong's new development on this project. Then his second project will be in display at the end of this year. For Gong Yuebin, there is no finishing to a project, he is always working on improving or developing his artwork.



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